About me!

Throughout my life, my passion has always lain in photography and the written word. Between poems and pictures, I could fill multiple books with my work, and work of those I admire most. So, ending up here was not a huge surprise. In fact, my biggest regret in life is not having more time to work on photography skills, and actually publish my written work. However, somewhere along the line, I fell in love with seahorses too!

Talk about a full plate! But, I love breeding seahorses,

helping new seahorse keepers, writing about my experiences, and using pictures and videos to share and explain my successes and failures.


I’m NOT fantastic with computers however, so please forgive my site for not being professional or savvy.
I’m guessing you’re not interested in my childhood, so let’s begin my story outline when I began keeping aquariums. I followed the usual advancement into the hobby, starting with a few different types of community freshwater tanks,

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and progressing into keeping a high-end discus tank within a beautiful planted theme.

But, of course…..it was not enough. So, my adventure into reefkeeping began 6 years ago, when I crept out of my freshwater comfort zone and took the leap into starting up a saltwater reef tank. I started with an average mixed reef, making every single “newbie” mistake. With guidance from a great mentor, my system found balance, and I developed a routine that has kept the tank running with very little maintenance for years. My success gave me courage to try species specific tanks, like my lionfish lair!


Fast forward to 2013, when I decided that the knowledge I had gained through keeping a reef tank was enough to try my luck at a lifelong dream, keeping seahorses. I’d heard all the taboo about them being difficult, but had made many friends who convinced me that starting with captive bred seahorses was the key in being successful with these magical creatures. They were correct. I still have my original 4 hippocampus erectus (the 2 females purchased from Seahorsesource.com) to this day, and have since added many new species to my aquatic family.

Still, I saw post after post on every social media outlet, promoting bad information and deeming seahorses “too difficult” to keep. And so, my mission became clear: the world needed to know that following some simple guidelines can make seahorse keeping quite easy.  My Seahorse tank set up video is a tad long, but it is because I do care, and really want to help, so I try to cover everything in one video.  You’ll see much simpler videos soon :).  I’m not so conceited that I believe my ways are the only ways, nor that my contributions to the conservation and captive breeding causes will truly change things, but if I help even one person know the positively amazing feeling of being successful with keeping seahorses…..well, then my mission will have been successful!  In addition to my videos, I also help run a group on facebook Seahorse Keeping Made Fun, which contains seahorse keepers from around the world at every level (from breeder to new keeper).
Along my journey, I started collecting macroalgae, using display types for beauty

and filtering types as a tool to help keep the high bio load of a seahorse tank manageable. I already used the filtering types in my reef refugium, but I soon learned that some of the most beautiful tanks are filled with algae, and that macros are a very inexpensive way to provide beauty and balance to “difficult” aquariums.

I am a researcher at heart, and I spent a very long time learning the different types of algae, their needs, how they can be used, and etc, and now plan to share my experiences to help others.  The Macro Algae Series is going to to be an asset to anyone interested in macros.

My focus is on education and inspiration, but I do also provide captive bred seahorses and macroalgae to local individuals and businesses. Please contact me through any of my various social media handles if you’d like more information about the seahorses and algae I have available. But have no worries that I will turn this into a big sales pitch, as sales is not my primary goal. I truly just want to help all seahorses (and their keepers) world-wide, including promoting conservation efforts and groups.

Obviously, there is only enough time in a day, and my photography and writing goals took a backseat to seahorse breeding. I do not accept this, and will find a way (using this site hopefully) to combine my love for photography, writing, video editing, keeping and breeding seahorses, helping others, learning from others, and sharing experiences all into one site 😊.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated, and I hope that my shared experiences help, and that you enjoy my pages!

Thanks for stopping in,
The Seahorse Whisperer